Medical Uniforms with Style and Functionality

Medical Uniforms with Style and Functionality

As healthcare professionals, one needs to prioritize comfort and functionality when it comes to their medical uniforms to help combat a long work shift and extensive physical movement across their shifts, yet the requirements to present an overall professional look cannot be understated. Fortunately, this doesn't mean they can't also incorporate some style and fashion into their medical work attire. There is nothing wrong with looking and feeling your best while at work in order to boost one’s confidence and overall outlook on the long day or night ahead.

Over the past several years, there has been a surge of fashionable medical uniforms for both men and women that have entered the market that combine both style with advanced functionality. The functionality of most modern medical uniforms is the result of the improved technology found within the fabrics used such as antimicrobial properties, moisture wicking properties and soil release technologies coupled with improved design features that allow for a stylish look while having attributes like breathability and stretchability built into every piece.

Long gone are the days where medical uniforms would require extensive care and restricted movement in the sake of looking like a uniform. Picture the hard-working nurses from World War II all dressed in tight white outfits, pants, skirts and shirts, that required bleaching and starching to maintain a polished fit! Technology has come a long way in helping our newer medical professionals focus on the task at hand rather than the upkeep on their medical uniforms.

Below is a highlight of some of the more recent fashionable options that are available to both a men and women that allow for comfort, fit and function regardless of one’s body size or shape.

1. Medical Uniform Tops: Medical Uniform Tops, or what some would call “scrub” tops have always been a go-to option for nurses, and now they come in a wide variety of stylish options with a variety of colors, fabrics, number of pockets, loops, and holders for specific tools or even a cell phone. Designs are versatile so that these tops can be “tucked in” or “tucked out”, depending on what feels and looks best for the wearer.
Some popular options include:
Mock wrap tops: These tops have a wrap-style design that flatters the figure and gives a more feminine look.
Classic V-Neck Top: As the name implies, this is the traditional V-Neck for both men and women that give that free feeling around the neck and can be worn on its own or over a fitted Tee Shirt.
Embroidered tops: These are merely the same medical uniform tops with embroidered details such as one’s name or where they work, for example, a specific hospital or dentist office that can add a touch of elegance, style and comradery for the group that wears them.
Printed tops: Printed tops come in a range of designs and colors, from floral to abstract prints and with options of licensed prints also available that are emblazoned with your favourite Disney character or superhero on them. These can add a pop of personality to any medical professionals look as you can see examples in many dentist offices and children’s medical hospitals.

2. Medical Uniform Pants: Medical Uniform Pants, or what some would call “scrub” pants don't have to be boring, and they are not! Like with the tops, these pants have built in technology within its fabric and design that inherently assist in the wearers fit, form and function. Below, are some stylish options that have inherent benefits to the wearer.
Jogger pants: Similar to athletic wear, jogger-style pants have become popular in recent years. They have a tapered leg and fitted ankle cuffs, making them comfortable, fashionable and highly functional for those that wear them. With a variety of colors and options with pockets, loops and holders, this style of pant is highly functional and stylish.
Cargo Style Medical Uniform Pants: Cargo Medical Uniform Pants, like the traditional cargo pant have multiple pockets, making them practical for carrying essentials, while still being stylish. The medical uniform pant is however lightweight, and comfortable in both touch and feel and with stretchable fabric to allow for maximum ranges of motion. Other inherent characteristics with the higher-quality medical uniform pants revolve around their breathability, moisture wicking properties and easy soil release technologies for ease of overall care.
 Printed pants: Just like the tops, there are some varieties the newer medical uniform pants that come in a range of fun prints, adding some personality to their outfit. Some of the more desired and stylish prints provide a textured look like a camo or subtle cheetah print that sets off a whole now look and style for the wearer while maintaining its functionality.

3. Lab Coats and Jackets: Lab coats and jackets can add a level of professionalism to any outfit while providing an extra layer of protection and some warmth in a colder airconditioned
environment. Both lab coats and shorter zip-up jackets now come in more fashionable styles as well. Some popular options include:
 Fitted lab coats and jackets: Fitted lab coats and jackets can give a more tailored look without sacrificing comfort.
 Colored lab coats and jackets : Lab coats don't have to be white, they now come in a range of colors, from pastels to bold hues. The same applies to fitted jackets where they have all of the benefits in fabric technology and design as the higher quality medical uniforms.
 Patterns: Similar to printed medical uniform tops and pants, patterns on lab coats and jackets can add a pop of personality to a nurses outer layer.

4. Shoes: Without much to explain, comfortable shoes are a must for nurses, PSW’s and those that are on their feet all day. This important part of any outfit can too be stylish. Here are some fashionable options:
 Sneakers: Sneakers are a popular option for nurses who are on their feet all day. They now come in a range of stylish designs, from basic white to bold patterns. One thing to consider however are the laces. It is recommended to minimize creases and crevices where dirt, debris and bacteria may thrive and depending on the role or function of the medical professional, a simpler, solid slip resistant and waterproof shoe may be the better option.
 Clogs: Clogs are another comfortable shoe option for nurses, and they come in a variety of colors and designs, have minimal creases for easy cleaning and come in a variety of slip resistant and waterproof options.
 Ballet flats: Ballet flats can be a stylish option for nurses who prefer a more feminine look. Again, consideration has to be made on ease of cleaning, slip resistance and waterproof features depending on the role that the medical professional encounters on a daily basis.

Overall, fashionable medical uniforms can combine style and functionality. From stylish medical uniform tops and pants to fashionable lab coats, jackets and long sleeve tee shirts and comfortable yet stylish shoes, there are many options available for those within the medical profession where they can express their personal style while still prioritizing comfort, functionality, and professionalism in the workplace.

For more information on your individual needs or any staff or group requirement, you can contact BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique for a consultation to help find the best solution for you.
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