Quality Medical Uniforms

Hi there, I’m Sonia and welcome to BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique!

I started my journey as a part-owner of BodyMoves in Sarnia, Ontario in 2015, before becoming the sole owner/operator in 2020. I have proudly been part of the Lambton community for almost 18 years and at the end of 2023 expanded to a second location in the Waterloo region. I love serving the needs of my communities and the needs of all Canadian medical professionals!

As we all know, the healthcare sector was greatly affected during the COVID-19 pandemic, and caring for our communities and those members that went to work every day caring for those in need of medical attention and mental strain, were too showing wear as the days and hours rolled across the weeks. With many of my own family and friends within the healthcare industry, I was proud to do my little part in having a local bricks and mortar store where my customers could come in, chat, de-stress and where I could help them at least, look and feel great once they found their perfect medical uniform that reflected their profession and personality.

Many shoppers throughout the COVID pandemic took to online shopping. As most statistics show, the online shopping trend is increasing to this day. For most it’s convenience, be it time and the overall effort to get out, as many work long hours and find it hard enough to take care of themselves. BodyMoves has followed suit and also went online to provide customers with options to purchase our curated selection of products online, from the comfort of their own home or place of work.

Along with the inception of our online platform, a slight change to our name to better reflect who we are and what we carry was made in early 2023 where we officially rebranded as BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique, reflecting the 20+ year old name with a better descriptor of what our primary focus is, providing high-quality curated scrubs from our selected partners.

As online shopping has become popular, I continue to believe that there continues to be a need for the in-store shopping experience as well, where customers can actually touch, feel, and try on a variety of scrubs to ensure a perfect fit and feel. Many of our customers provided feedback to their online shopping experience, and many who are uncertain of their size and or specific style, said they were disappointed with their purchases online as they did not get the exact fit, feel and look from their scrubs, and that they wish they could have just gone into a store! Because of our customer feedback and discussions with local business owner in the Waterloo region, we wanted to answer this customer demand and opened up our second bricks and mortar store in Kitchener, Ontario at the end of 2023.

Our mission here at BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique is to support our customers and make their purchasing experience exceptional and inclusive be it in person or online, and where they can look and feel their best.

We do this by providing curated high-quality medical uniforms from select partner vendors like Barco, Barco ONE, Barco Grey’s Anatomy, Kindthread, Landau, MedCouture, Healing Hands, Healing Hands 360 and Cherokee Infinity and Form to name a few. Each of our collections have a slightly different fit, form, and function, and at BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique, we help our customers select their best fits for every body type! 

BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique carries XXS to 5XL in our women's collections, with the options of petite, regular and tall lengths in pants. We also carry XS to 5XL in our men’s collections, with pants available in short, regular and tall options, ensuring everybody can find their perfect almost-custom fitOur medical uniforms / scrubs, are manufactured with advanced fabric technologies providing extreme comfort and wear. With a multitude of colours and variations in designs from each collection, our customers not only get an almost-custom fit, but a custom style reflecting one’s own individuality. Our scrubs are practical for everyday use for those in the medical profession, however they have become just as popular outside of the medical field as you can see many wearing our outfits outside of work! We also carry under-scrub long sleeve tee’s, lab-coats, jackets and other medical accessories, making it easy to find something that you’ll love to wear in our one stop shop!

To source the best in medical uniforms, I work with a few select suppliers to bring our customers fantastic brands. With an increasing demand for customization, we have implemented a process whereby group orders or larger staff orders can be placed with BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique and where we work with our partners to have our customers’ logos affixed to their uniforms / scrubs at a very reasonable price. We are proud to say that we can cater to a staff of 5 that want some uniformity within their practice to a student body of over 500 where student uniforms are required for those aspiring to be our next generations medical professionals.

We always do our best to make your shopping experience at BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique a great one. Every customer that walks into my stores is treated with respect and dignity, honoring their important role as health care providers. There is no judgment here, and we aim to create a comfortable, open, inclusive and safe space where everyone is welcome to shop and experience all that BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique has to offer.

I am very proudly a mental health and addiction advocate, supporting our communities and those in it who are struggling. Take a look at our advocacy work and fundraising efforts on our social media! You can follow us on https://www.instagram.com/body_moves/, or https://www.facebook.com/bodymovessarnia/.

My mission is to make a positive difference in your day, both personally and professionally.  Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, we’re here to help you, and we thank you for supporting us! 

Being part of BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique since 2015 and listening to my many loyal customers, I have gained a deeper understanding of the needs of those in the health care profession, be it a dentist, doctor, hygienist, nurse, clinician, technologist, veterinarian and others focused on animal health and wellbeing. I enjoy picking out the highest quality medical uniforms for all of my amazing customers and continue to bring them the most modern and appealing apparel with the latest technologies infused into their fabrics and materials of construction.

I am not only business owner, I’m also a mother of three, wife & long-time entrepreneur with my hairstyling career ending a bit too soon due to rotator cuff issues as I would not have thought this would happen when I started in my 20’s!  I’m a people person at heart, and love connecting with my community and doing something I feel makes a real difference.

Starting in 2021, Body Moves started contributing a percentage of sales to Access Open Minds, a mental health and addictions space for youth 11 to 25 and their families who are seeking fast access to education, assessments, counselling and treatment.

In 2022 we also hosted a day cruise in hopes to raise money for Bluewater Health, a mental health unit at our local hospital. After an amazingly successful event, with music provided by our local DJ, DJ Nacho, we managed to raise $4,100. This allowed us to provide MP3 players to Bluewater Health to aid in music therapy for everyone involved in the program.

I am passionate about mental health and addiction in our community & plan to continue supporting local initiatives both within and outside of BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique. Since opening our second location in Kitchener, we have partnered with the Grand River Hospital Foundation where we are giving back a percentage of sales to support the community in which we operate. Keep an eye on our social media channels and here for more of our advocacy work in the future as we begin to grow within our new and existing network.