group orders for scrubs

Group Orders for Scrubs

In the busy healthcare industry, time seems to always be limited. How you spend each and any of your free hours require much planning as your personal decisions become just as important as your professional ones. Thinking about your attire at work should be easy enough, and for most, should be as simple as putting on a pre-selected professional uniform that looks and feels great and that allows you to move freely across your busy day or night shift.  The tasks at hand and the focus that each profession has to execute their duties should not be obstructed by any simple decision on what one should wear to work. 

If you’re a seasoned medical practitioner or a medical student at the start of your clinical experience, dressing appropriately will go a long way as it helps to improve your personal comfort and performance during practice times. Fit, form, and functionality cannot be overstated in this context.

For this reason, BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique helps individual customer’s or those making decisions for large groups become easy whereby they are consulted to assure that the best solutions are provided to fulfill any specific needs. 

BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique understands that there are different requirements for various healthcare and pre-healthcare workers, as each profession has its own individual challenges. For example, a nurse or PSW may require apparel that is constructed from fabrics that are breathable, flexible and easily dry if wet, while those working in the veterinarian or animal health profession may require something similar, however have an additional feature of antistatic properties to keep fur and dander off of their attire.  

Our commitment is to offer all health care professionals high-quality scrubs / medical uniforms that take into consideration the individual, the profession that they are in and the organization and or team that they represent, assuring comfort and style with every brand and collection carried. BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique works with a select few partners that meet our criteria and hence stock various high-quality brands including Cherokee InfinityCherokee Form, Healing Hands, Landau Forward, Landau ProFlex, Barco One, Barco Skechers, Barco Grey's Anatomy, White Cross and more.

Beyond the exceptional merchandise we offer, what makes BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique different? We also provide group orders from a staff of 5 to a cohort of 500+ that features custom embroidery and sizing from XXS to 5XL so that the entire group will have that professional team look in their perfect fit. Whether you want to fashioning your dental office to proudly represent your practice or have students within a program have a consistent uniform so that they can focus on their area of study without worrying about what they need to wear, our scrubs can be emblazoned with the name of your dental practice, your hospital department or your college emblem to encourage mutual identity and formality.

How you dress is a sign of how much you care about quality. If you choose to work with BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique we will surely find the best solution for your group or team requirements. Your attire will be more than just a uniform; it will be an image of great comfort, style, and most of all, functionality. Our dedication to enhancing your own brand’s visibility isn’t limited to dressing; rather we employ novel digital marketing strategies that help in branding and positioning your company online.

At BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique, it’s more than a store; it is a sanctuary where fashion meets comfort and practicality. Our curated scrubs along with our partners in design, manufacturing and delivery will make your healthcare outfits the only go-to choice to satisfy all of your needs be it individual or as a group.  

For group orders for scrubs contact our team at -Click HERE

Remember that it goes beyond simple apparel; rather, it is about how you and your team feel. Select BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique where we make things as easy as possible to fashion 5 to 500+.

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