Choosing The Best Quality Medical Uniforms For The Workplace.

As a healthcare professional, choosing the right medical uniform is not just about style, but also about the functionality and comfort that it provides throughout the day. Many healthcare professionals have a variety of duties depending on their specific roles, but the one thing everyone needs is a uniform that facilitates comfort and freedom of movement while looking professional.

Here are some key elements that should be considered when choosing the best quality medical uniforms:

  1. Fabric Quality: Durability, breathability, and comfort are essential for everyday high quality medical uniforms. Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, uniforms require frequent laundering and should be able to withstand numerous washings to provide longer lasting form, fit and function of the medical uniform across its lifetime. Some of the older styles of medical uniforms are comprised of cotton/polyester blends, whereas newer higher quality medical uniforms are manufactured with a mix of polyesters, rayon and spandex that are soft to the touch. These new uniforms have fabric technologies that provide antimicrobial and antiwrinkle properties as well as moisture-wicking and soil-release technologies. These new fabrics make for the best medical uniforms as they provide durability while maintaining their fit and function, leading to a longer life of the medical uniform. You can always check fabric specifications regarding materials of construction, comfort level, durability rating, and laundering instructions, in order to make the best decision for your needs.
  2. Colour and Design: The colour and design of a medical uniform should be professional and clean. Hospitals, medical centers, and dentist offices usually have specific colours for their uniforms that help with their own “staff branding”, for example, all those that work in pediatrics may wear a certain colour whereas someone within the emergency unit at the same complex may wear a different colour. There is also the option of embroidery that can have your name and unit put on the uniform. Having colour coordination within a complex can build a team atmosphere depending on the unit or office setting one works in, and again is a matter of office preference. It's important to find out if there are any guidelines on uniform design or acceptable colours and follow so that you can easily pick a few high-quality medical uniforms that suits both you and your work needs. The design of the uniform and its features should facilitate your work, such as having enough pockets to carry essentials, pen slots, and utility loops among others.
  3. Comfort: The highest quality medical uniforms in the workplace need to provide the appropriate ventilation and freedom of movement you require. You should make sure that your medical uniform has proper ventilation that keeps you from sweating and overheating. Try different styles, fabrics and textures to ensure maximum comfort. If you're in a profession that requires a lot of bending, twisting, and reaching, ensure that the uniform fits perfectly and allows mobility of the neck, shoulders, and limbs while having 3 or 4-way stretch properties.  Most high-quality medical uniforms will have these stretch properties listed as a feature.
  4. Size and fit: Quality medical uniforms should fit perfectly, reducing excess fabric or loose pockets that can trap microbes or hinder movement. Check the size chart and measurement guidelines provided by the manufacturers, as it varies from brand to brand. Ensure the size and fit of the uniform is suitable for your body type to provides the utmost comfort throughout your shift.
  5. Appropriateness: Medical professionals work in a highly respected field, which means that the medical uniforms they wear should represent their profession appropriately.  Patients view their healthcare provider's attire as a reflection of their professionalism, whether consciously or sub-consciously, and hence should be neat, clean, fit to size and as always professional looking. High quality medical uniforms should provide comfort and functionality but there is no reason why a good look can’t be achieved to bring an element of style and flair to represent one’s own individuality.

When choosing high-quality medical uniforms for the workplace, quality, practicality, fabric, colour, design, fit, and appropriateness are essential factors that must be considered. Make sure to select the right uniform that will give you the ease of movement, confidence, and comfort you require on the job while still adhering to the guidelines specified by your place of employment.

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