BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique's New STORE and  Pop-Up Store at Cambridge Memorial Hospital

BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique's New STORE and Pop-Up Store at Cambridge Memorial Hospital

We are delighted to announce the opening of BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique’s second branch, nestled in the heart of Waterloo Region at 700 Strasburg Road, Unit S28, Kitchener - conveniently located in The Forest Glen Plaza. This strategic expansion is part of our continued commitment to cater to the vibrant community of medical professionals in the Tri-Cities, offering them unparalleled access to high-quality medical uniforms and scrubs.

Our Vision and Service Commitment

Beyond selling medical uniforms alone, our mission at BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique goes beyond this; we want to make it easier for healthcare professionals when they visit us. Our physical store understands that comfort and style are important factors when choosing what to wear for work purposes. We have a showroom where you can go through all these items physically until you fall in love with one of them: touch it, try it on, get obsessed with its texture, contribute feedback if need be till you end up looking like a beauty queen regardless of your figure or size.

Superlative customer care service is what marks our boutique as distinctive among others. We believe that a satisfied customer is not only a repeat client but also an advocate for our brand.

This principle permeates every transaction and ensures that each customer leaves our store happy and with the perfect pair of scrubs.

Engage innovatively – Pop-Up Store Initiative

Since we opened our doors on January 2, 2024, we have been very keen to introduce BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique to the community and numerous dedicated healthcare practitioners in the area. On March 15, we had an innovative Pop-Up event with Cambridge Memorial hospital being our first vendor. The event was a great success characterized by a high level of participation from hospital staff who found our pop up store very convenient as well as carefully set up.

Supporting Our Healthcare Heroes

To acknowledge tireless work of medics, BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique offers exclusive discounts for all employees of medical institutions. Our commitment is to provide these everyday heroes with finest quality medical uniforms allowing them comfort and style throughout their hectic routines. We listen to customer feedback, so we are able to choose vendors who can meet our quality and customer service requirements.

Community Engagement and Giving Back

One of the basic tenets of our philosophy is making a positive impact in the communities we serve. Substantiating local initiatives and establishments is not only a duty but an honor. We are involved in thought-provoking discourse with many Hospital Foundations, one being Cambridge Memorial, to see how we can make significant contributions to our new community.

BodyMoves Scrubs Boutique journey has been about passion, commitment and community. It is exciting to start this new chapter in Waterloo Region as we open our doors to medical professionals at our Kitchener store. Let’s redefine medical professional attire standards together and continue supporting these extraordinary people who sacrifice their lives for others.

Come visit us today; let’s allow you to experience us too and be part of us as we serve the healthcare community around us. Visit
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