Skating Apparel

Body Moves has a large assortment of in stock skating dresses and apparel, including the latest trends by:

  • Mondor
  • Jerry’s Skate World Inc.

Skates and Blades

We carry a full line of brand name figure skates from beginner to advanced levels, including:

  • Don Jackson
  • Riedell

Choose from these quality blades:

  • Wilson & MK
  • Ultima
  • Eclipse


  • tights
  • skating dresses
  • skirts
  • warm up pants and jackets
  • skating sweaters
  • leg warmers
  • gloves
  • skate guards
  • blade chamois
  • bees wax and son-seal, and gel tubing,
  • laces
  • spinner
  • exercise bands
  • zuca bags

We book by appointment for your fittings, which will take about 45 minutes to an hour.