How do I care for my Grishko Pointe shoes?

Here are some useful suggestions to help keep your Grishko Pointe shoes strong and elegant for as long as possible.

Always make sure your Grishko Pointe shoes fit properly. If your pointe shoes do not fit properly then pressure will be placed on the wrong parts of the shoe.

As a result, ill-fitted shoes will not last as long or keep your feet safe.

Make sure that ribbons are sewn correctly and the shoes are broken in carefully. To do this, please refer to How do I sew and tie ribbons? and How do I “break in” my shoes?

Mark your shoes Right and Left after wearing them for the first time.

After class, fill your shoes with tissue paper, a towel or even newspaper to prevent your box from shrinking or losing shape.

“Pointe-saver” products that are specially made to absorb moisture can be placed in the shoes.

Hang your Grishko Pointe shoes in a dry, warm location. If you dry your shoes properly, they can last for 50% longer.

Feet can sweat up to half a pint in an hour; it is crucial that you dry your shoes properly. Your Grishko Pointe shoes will take 36 hours to dry completely.

If you dance several times a week, we recommend owning 2 or 3 pairs so they can be worn in rotation. If not, the buildup of moisture in the shoes may cause the box and shank to become weak.

If you do not dry your shoes properly, the box will become soft and weak. This will shorten the life of your shoes and make them dangerous to use on pointe.

Please do not leave your Grishko Pointe shoes in your dance or gym bag.

Never leave your Grishko shoes in sunlight or above a radiator or heater.

Do not keep your Grishko shoes in plastic bags or plastic packaging.

If your pointe classes are quite long (over 45-60 minutes), it is recommended that you change shoes during class.

If your feet sweat heavily, it is recommended that you change your pointe shoes every 30 minutes.

To allow your pointe shoes to breathe, we recommend carrying them in a cotton bag, such as the Grishko Mesh Bag